Thursday, October 06, 2005


My friend Kenny is on his way to Kazakhstan. In his blog, he mentions some heroes. I have often wondered why I have very few personal heroes. I suppose that people who go out to do something fantastic are just handily goal oriented. People who do great things often want the notoriety that goes with it.

In Kenny's story there are quite a few people mentioned who are doing small things that have a big impact. People donated air miles, offered to pay for a hotel room, etc. You can ask Kenny if he thinks he is a hero. I am sure to his kids, he is.

In my own story, there were the two women who invited us into the VIP lounge at the Almaty, KZ airport on our way out. It was 2:00 AM, we were tired, had a tired cranky baby, and we were sitting in the gate area waiting to get on the plane. These two women walked up to us from nowhere, and asked if we would be their guests in the VIP lounge. I remember sinking down on a couch and saying, this is the softest thing I have sat on the entire trip. These two women were heroes on our story.

These people who do small things that have big impact on normal folks are, in my mind, as great a hero as those who go out for the guts and glory.


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