Friday, April 27, 2007

Weird Karma – A series of unrelated events

For Mouse’s birthday in October, my mom gave her a Klutz Book “How to Tell Time.” It came with a wonderful little watch, perfect for small wrists. Mouse was trying to tell time in no time. A few days after she got it, she lost the watch. We searched high and low, every room, every bag, every coat, the watch was gone.

A few weeks ago, I twisted my ankle. I probably sprained it pretty good, and hobbled around for a few days. I put ice on it, and wrapped it in an ace bandage. It was making good progress, pain was slowly diminishing, and I was walking without a limp again.

Then, to my chagrin, I did it again. I stepped off our back deck, twisted my ankle, and fell down to avoid really doing a lot more damage. Right after I fell, I felt something slide across my chest.

When I turned 21 my dad gave me a watch. I have worn that watch for 23 years. It keeps perfect time. It was a simple Seiko black sports watch with a metal band. The band shows the years of wear and the crystal has been replaced a few times, but it really was my favorite watch. I never took it off except when I went on international travel.

The thing that slid across my chest was my watch. My fall broke the band. For the first time since I was 21, I am not wearing that watch.

Last night as the Mouse was going to bed, she looked down between the mattress and the bed rails, and saw a polka dotted thing. She reached down to pull out – her watch.

Friday, April 06, 2007

In an ideal world.

Note, I am saying ideal world, not a perfect world. There is a difference.

In an ideal world government would work for the people. There would be 50 democratic senators, and 50 republican senators. There would be 217 democratic representatives, and 217 republican representatives, and one independent. Congress would have to work to consensus, not compromise, and agree on legislation that is truly for the common good. Campaigns would be by donation from individuals only. No corporations, no PACs.

In an ideal world, every person could get a job doing their life’s passion and get paid a decent living wage for it. Artists would be able to be artists. Parents who want to stay home and be parents could. Writers could write, There would be enough diversity in work and workers to ensure that everything gets done. I hope someone has a passion for making burgers and fries, ‘cuase I got a passion for eating them.

In an ideal world, children get the education they need. No matter the community, no matter the school, each child gets a good education. College would be paid for some how some way. People shouldn’t have to start a career with more debt then my mortgage.

In an ideal world, health care would not be an issue. Everyone would get the care they need. Emergency rooms would not have to ask for insurance before treatment. Kids would not have to wait until they are past treatment before they get to see a doctor. Families would not go broke when a parent or child gets critically ill. Overly wealthy people who want to get their tummy tucks, facelifts, botox can still get that, only the doctors will have them wait until the kids with burns, broken bones and cleft palette are done first.

In an ideal world, neighbors would get along. The family that lives in the house next to you would be respectful and generous. The people that live in the apartment above you, would invite you to their parties. Neighboring cities rivalries will be settled on high school sports fields, and the teams will be so evenly matched that everyone will go home satisfied rather then angry. Neighboring countries will decide that getting along is better for everyone even if they are different. Wars would be unnecessary.

When a war is necessary, it would be like in days of old. The leaders of the countries would be leading the charge. Not sitting back in an undisclosed location. The war would end when the leader is captured and the flag is brought back to headquarters. The only injuries would be to those soldiers who accidentally trip on the field.

In an ideal world, religion will be personal. A relationship with God, Goddess or other deities of choice will be a basis for love and caring rather then hatred. Organized religious entities will stay out of politics and politics will stay out of religion. Politicians will not decree religion. Religion would not decree politics.

In an ideal world, families would have enough time for their children. Children would grow up with a good sense of family. Families who want children can have them. Families that don’t won’t get hassled. Children will have the freedom to be kids, and learn and grow into responsible, caring contributing members of society.

In an ideal world, unwanted pregnancies would be avoided. Sex would be an enjoyable thing between two (or more) loving people. Marriage would be a lasting commitment between two people who love each other.

In an ideal world, all orphans would get adopted by loving caring parents, and truly live happily ever after.